Skin Customization in Oracle Identity Manager 11g Release 2 (11.1.2)

Fortunately, Oracle Identity Manager’s Identity Self Service UI is based on ADF which allows customization to the user interface that isn’t later affected by patches and/or upgrades. 

Out of the box, Oracle provides a few skins to choose from in which you can expand upon to create an entirely custom user experience. This customization is accomplished by creating a new skin and modifying the configuration files to recognize your newly developed skin.

If you are an advanced css developer, you can entirely re-brand your OIM instance to match your organization’s branding standards; however, even a novice web designer can easily make simple updates to the backgrounds and fonts which also greatly enhance the user experience.

Utilizing FireBug for Firefox, inspect elements of the OIM interface and see which div’s you need to modify in the css file. You can edit as little or as many elements as you’d like in your custom skin. We recommend preserving the primary elements original placements to avoid confusion for users that are already used to an out of the box version of OIM.

For more information on creating a custom skin, click here

Notes regarding the Oracle tutorial mentioned above:

  • Be sure and remove the temp directory, shut down your OIM server, upload your files, then restart your OIM server with each css modification.
  • 30.3.1 – Configuring Skins: 1. After you create the skin in the trinidad-skins.xml file, make a copy of the trinidad-skins.xml from the /iam-consoles-faces.war/WEB-INF/ directory to the
    oracle.iam.console.identity.sysadmin.ear/WEB-INF/ directory AND the
    oracle.iam.console.identity.self-service.ear/WEB-INF directory. 

(The doc references admin.ear: the fully qualified name of the ear is: oracle.iam.console.identity.sysadmin.ear)

  • 30.3.1 – Configuring Skins: Make all of your changes in the /oracle.iam.console.identity.sysadmin.ear/WEB-INF/trinidad-skins.xml file, /oracle.iam.console.identity.self-service.ear/WEB-INF/trinidad-skins.xml file, and the /iam-consoles-faces.war/WEB-INF/trinidad-skins.xml file.

(The doc doesn’t mention making your css edits in the oracle.iam.console.identity.self-service.ear directory which is required)

Here is an example of an advanced OIM skin customization we created as a proof of concept.