Procedure to backup & restore Websphere configurations

***NOTE: As with all Tips and Tricks we provide on the IDMWorks blog, use the following AT YOUR OWN RISK.  We do not guarantee this will work in your environment and make no warranties***

So let us review backing up and restoring Websphere configurations.

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Always backup all existing configuration directories, using the backupConfig utility supplied with WebSphere, before performing any of the procedures described in this blog.

If the configuration changes applied by following one of these procedures results in the system no longer working, you can use the restoreConfig utility to return the configuration to its state prior to making the changes.

Backing up Websphere configurations:
  1. /bin/backupConfig (.bat/.sh) -username -password
  2. Backup setupCmdLine.bat on Windows systems or on UNIX systems from /bin or /bin (as the backupConfig utility does not backup this file).

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