Identity Intelligence Analytics

Identity Intelligence & Analytics Tells You How & Why Users Have Access To Resources

IDMWORKS can implement solutions for your organization to gather, report and manage critical identity and access information regarding who is accessing what resources, when, and why.
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The Integration of Identity & Access Management Analytics

By integrating intelligent monitoring and analytics, Identity Intelligence & Analytics (IIA) can resolve immediate threats and improve ongoing provisioning and governance by applying predictive analytics to the identity and access data in the organization. This includes:

This gives your organization the ability to see not only what users have access to, but how and potentially why they have attained the access.

Benefits of Identity & Access Management Analytics

These apply to changes in user profiles, access rights, and the applications a user utilizes.

These include on-the-fly re-enablement of provisioning, de-provisioning, “immediate access certification required” notification and other tasks directly triggered from the IIA engine.