Identity Virtual Directory

Identity Data Management Includes Both Identity Data Store and Virtual Directory

IDMWORKS implements identity data management solutions that can act as an identity repository (Identity Data Store) where information about users and groups in an organization is stored. The solutions implemented for user profiles can contain data such as a first name, a last name, a phone number, group membership, an e-mail address or any number of attributes that suits your organization’s specific requirements.

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Centralize Non-employee Identities

IDMWORKS can also centralize the non-employee user identities whose access rights generally receive little monitoring or auditing because they are spread across an organization. These non-employees would include consultants, contractors, vendors, interns, vendors, non-badged account holders and temporary workers.

IAM Data Management Components

LDAP Directory

Provides a source of identity accessible through a standard protocol, LDAP; also provides a repository for authentication credentials and authorization data such as group memberships.

Identity Data Store (Directory Or Database)

Provides a single, public resource for searching and viewing profile information on enterprise users.

Virtual Directory

Provides a mechanism for abstracting multiple identity repositories to look like a single LDAP-compliance repository, which is particularly useful in environments where multiple sources of identity exist for different user constituencies and a WAM and/or federation solution backed by such a repository is desired.

Data Synchronization

Provides automated, high-throughput services to move data between directories or databases while applying attribute mappings and transformation rules.

Policy Store

Provides a repository for rules and policy definitions, typically required by access management services.