IdentityIQ 7.0 Form Postback Loops

While at a client recently, I encountered an issue with IdentityIQ 7.0 that I thought might be of relevance to others.

When creating a dynamic form using postBack, if there were two text fields which both had a postBack on them, once I attempted to enter text into one of the fields, the page would get stuck in an infinite loop of rendering one result, refreshing the page, re-rendering the page, re-refreshing the page etc.

The non-working code looked similar to the following:

Now, this does not mean that you cannot use multiple postBacks.  I was able to successfully utilize multiple dynamic fields when I was affecting whether sections were hidden but once there were 2 active postBack fields the page entered into infinite loops.

The workaround I came to was to change up my UI design a bit, leave the Other entry fields as always shown and then handle the presence, or lack thereof, of values in my logic.  I’m sure SailPoint will eventually get around to fixing the issue but in the meantime you should be able to work around the issue using logic if need be.  This occurred in SailPoint IdentityIQ 7.0 with no patches applied.

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