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We eat, breathe, and sleep identity. It’s not a side project. It’s the passion that fuels us as experienced by thousands of successful engagements. Our team is staffed by identity experts representing every major vendor and every major industry. Whether it’s a complex or simple identity challenge, our team has seen it and successfully delivered a solution that works.

Ready to become an integral member of a tight-knit team of IAM pros with a relentless commitment to delivering amazing customer experiences that create an environment where long-term business partnerships flourish? Our account execs don’t just respond to a “sales need,” they anticipate what our customers need, chart a course for their success, and walk alongside them every step of the way.

 Primary Responsibilities: 

  • Coordinate all revenue-creating activity in the assigned geography including, but not limited to:
  1. IDMWORKS Services, Managed Services, and Software Sales 
  2. Third-Party Software Resale
  3. Demand Generation and Lead Management 
  4. Marketing Activity
  5. Customer Service and Maintenance Renewals
  6. Customer and Partner Relationship Management 
  • Aggressively identify new opportunities and act upon previously identified opportunities to develop compelling sales value propositions for the prospective customers. 
  • Assist in the development of solutions to customer business problems by understanding the underlying business issues and working with the correct team within IDMWORKS to address those issues. 
  • Manage the IDMWORKS Sales Methodology within the assigned geography to ensure an appropriate perspective on current leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, and associated status, information, and forecasting metrics. 
  • Develop and maintain an appropriate pipeline of current opportunities to ensure a consistent performance against quarterly pipeline generation and closed opportunity expectations. 
  • Act as the primary point of contact for customers and prospects within the assigned geography, and provide leadership within IDMWORKS to coordinate internal resources to meet the customer requirements. 
  • Maintain an appropriate level of industry knowledge and third party software knowledge to be seen as a consultative expert in the IDMWORKS market space. 
  • Maintain a level of competitive knowledge to differentiate the IDMWORKS business from industry peers and minimize competitive losses. 
  • Act as a leader within the IDMWORKS organization to effectively coordinate complex matrix teams to solve customer problems. 

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