2nd Annual Philadelphia Data Center Boom! (Save 20% with DCMWORKS)


Event Description:

The rapid movement to cloud computing is driving demand for data centers and storage facilities faster than anyone would have imagined a few years ago. Changing user requirements and security concerns are altering the way data centers are designed and operated.

Our panelists will address the most-pertinent issues, including what is driving demand for data centers now, what are user requirements, the new technologies that are required to meet these needs, and the different data center technology methodologies.

They’ll also take a look at the opportunities for the data center providers and the commercial real estate community involved in this asset class, the trends going forward in Philadelphia and nationally, and how are these spaces being built out, and to what requirements.

When:  May 21, 2014

Where:  The Rittenhouse Hotel, Philadelphia, PA



Event Website: http://goo.gl/CNk5WA

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