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Mitigate third-party identity risk

Trusted IAM experts employ SecZetta to help you execute risk-based identity strategies

IDMWORKS leverages SecZetta to give you third-party identity risk solutions. These solutions are easy to use, purpose-built, and geared towards risk-based identity access and lifestyle strategies for third-party nonemployee populations.

Integrating SecZetta can make life easier for CIOs and CISOs tasked with securing an environment populated by nonemployee outsiders and third-party users.

In many businesses, more third-party users and vendors have access to system data than actual full-time employees.  This makes securing your business’s system data a monumental task. Risk-based identity strategies are the solution.

IAM implementation is a matter of trust. Any breakdown in that trust equals disaster

Eliminate the risk of third-party nonemployee users by incorporating SecZetta’s risk-based identity strategies solutions.

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We’ve helped clients protect their reputation with 2500+successful identity transformations

Incorporate SecZetta solutions to secure your reputation

IDMWORKS wants your organization to succeed. You have worked hard to make your company what it is. You deserve an identity and access management (IAM) program that helps protect your reputation, safeguard customer data, and save you from lawsuits and regulatory fines.

It is sad to see how many companies invest in identity and access management solutions only to have them fail. First-time IAM implementations fail 50 percent of the time.

Successful IAM implementation boils down to a matter of trust. Your customers trust you with their data. You trust the identity and access management technology your organization uses.

Any breakdown in that trust equals disaster.

We have helped 800 client sites with over 2,500 successful identity transformations. People trust us because our IAM implementation success rate is 100 percent.

  • IDMWORKS is a company that has been trusted for over a decade as the leader in the IAM field. We love what we do and how it lets us help companies like yours succeed with their identity transformation and their digital transformation.
IDMWORKS can become an extension of your IT team

Successful digital transformation begins with identity


Implement effective third-party risk solutions

Implementing SecZetta can be the answer to the challenge of managing a growing number of third parties. These include freelancers, partners, vendors, volunteers, students, and more.

By incorporating SecZetta with your technology, IDMWORKS gives you a tool to track and manage relationships with non-employees. Thereby preventing bad actors from taking advantage of vulnerabilities in your non-employee lifecycle management.

With 59 percent of all data breaches traced back to third parties, the need is urgent. SecZetta offers a comprehensive group of capabilities that allows your organization to improve operational efficiency, reduce cost, and mitigate risk when interacting with third-party entities.

  • SecZetta is just one solution we might use to protect your organization from expensive identity and access management failures.
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What Is SecZetta?

SecZetta facilitates the execution of risk-based lifecycle and access identity strategies for non-employee populations.

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Integrate SecZetta for secure digital interactions

SecZetta integration lets your organization collect nonemployee and third-party data continuously and collaboratively. Information can be gathered from external and internal resources during the entire lifecycle of the third party.

IDMWORKS can show you how integrating SecZetta can lead to secure digital interactions.

With SecZetta, your organization can create the ultimate source for third-party data. This resource can be used to maximize operational efficiency and improve accuracy and provisioning access. Compliance audits become easier, identity verification becomes more straightforward, and the de-provisioning process becomes seamless.


IDMWORKS implements and supports SecZetta for these key capabilities

  • Identity Lifecycle
  • Identity Risk
  • Identity Collaboration
Join the 800+ client sites we've helped secure their digital identity

Use IDMWORKS for modern identity strategies that support transformative growth

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Combining technology and implementation for success

The current and future digital transformation initiatives your organization faces can seem overwhelming. IDMWORKS looks to calm your anxiety by working as an extension of your IT team.

SecZetta provides third-party identity risk solutions. The solutions are simple to use and help organizations like yours execute risk-based identity access and lifecycle management.

  • Lifecycle management is a no-code, purpose-built, and authoritative source of third-party data.
  • Internal/external collaboration hubs create easy-to-use portals that allow collaborative data collection immediately from internal or external resources.
  • Hybrid identity/risk solutions offer a hybrid solution for third party risk and identity management.
  • Identity consolidation allows your organization to maintain or create a global user identifier.


We have successfully helped over 800 client sites with over 2,500 identity transformations

IDMWORKS wants you to experience the peace and tranquility that comes by working with a team that offers trusted and proven results. We look forward to partnering with you to help you design, deliver, and manage a successful and modern identity program to secure your digital business.

  • SecZetta is just one of the many trusted technologies we include in our Gartner recognized approach to identity and access management.

    Your business is unique. For this reason, our infinitely flexible consumption model and expertise with all the major identity technologies ensure you select the right vendor and technology for your unique needs.

Trust the IAM Experts. Certified Okta partners.

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