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Implement Stealthbits solutions to protect what you value most

Stealthbits creates the entitlement catalog for unstructured data, enabling IAM to manage access to the data, enriching self-serve access, attestation, and other functions.

Stealthbits is a cybersecurity solution that goes beyond protecting an organization’s sensitive data and protects the credentials that supply the data.

Data Access governance reduces access and permissions to data to the appropriate levels. Active directory security is the tool that controls access to your data.

Privileged access management allows you to control privilege activities and then safely delegate administrative access.

The problem is not bad technology. The problem is the approach to implementation.

100 % of IDMWORKS Stealthbits implementations deliver efficiency, security, and reduced administrative costs

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We successfully implemented over 2,500 identity transformations on over 800 client sites

Integrate Stealthbits for Data-Centric Identity Security

IDMWORKS helps you integrate Stealthbits to provide customer-driven cybersecurity.  Stealthbits protects your business’s reputation by securing sensitive data and credentials from nefarious individuals.

Stealthbits allows you to enforce security policy, remove inappropriate access, and detect threats before they happen. As a flexible, innovative platform, Stealthbits offers real-time protection that minimizes security risk, reduces operational expense, and meets compliance requirements.

  • Since 2004, IDMWORKS has expertly implemented IAM solutions for over 2,500 successful identity transformations across 800 client sites. Enjoy an identity and access management program that is secure, efficient, and cost-effective.
IDMWORKS offers a holistic approach that supports business growth

Define and deliver modern identity strategies to support digital transformation.


Incorporate Stealthbits with existing identity technology

IDMWORKS wants to help you make the most of your investments in digital identity security. Stealthbits facilitates this because of its interoperability.

Stealthbits easily integrates with other security technology your organization has already invested in. Its open architecture allows it to integrate with the vast majority of security technologies out there.

IDMWORKS will deliver effective identity strategies and programs designed to support your business’s transformation and growth.

Your business is facing and will continue to face several digital transformation initiatives as it grows. IDMWORKS is offering our expertise. We want to serve as an extension to your IT team.

We will study your organization and evaluate its technology. Next, we will devise a holistic approach to achieve identity transformation success.

  • Stealthbits is one technology we might use as we work to design your IAM strategy.
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What Is Stealthbits?

Stealthbits is a cybersecurity company focused on protecting your organization’s sensitive data and the credentials that supply access to it.

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Supporting day-to-day IAM service delivery

IDMWORKS uses Stealthbits as a platform to do more than understand who has access to what data. Securing your data requires day-to-day IAM service delivery. Stealthbits offers a multilayered approach to mitigate the risk. These include:

  • Lateral Movement
  • Privilege Escalation
  • Directory Takeover
  • Unauthorized Data Access

When an IAM system fails, it is expensive, embarrassing, and challenging to recover from. IDMWORKS uses technology like Stealthbits as part of our Gartner recognized approach to IAM strategies.

We provide managed services that host and support day-to-day IAM service delivery. We have successfully helped over 800 client sites with more than 2,500 successful identity transformations.


IDMWORKS implements and supports the following Stealthbits IAM suites and applications:

  • stealth AUDIT
  • stealthDEFEND
  • stealthPAM
Experience peace of mind by working with trusted IAM experts

How IDMWORKS Uses Stealthbits to Help Our Customers

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IDMWORKS wants to understand your business

Harmonizing digital security with business growth

Failed digital identity programs are not caused by inadequate technology. They happen when good technology is poorly implemented. Stealthbits, when properly integrated, is a powerful tool that can reduce security risk, fulfill compliance requirements, and decrease operational expenses.

IDMWORKS is the expert in harmonizing digital identity security with business growth initiatives.

We’ve led the field for more than a decade. Experience has taught us that there is a link between identity transformation and successful digital transformation.

Our flexible integration approach ensures that your digital identity security technology harmonizes with your business leading to long-term growth.


We have successfully helped over 800 client sites with over 2,500 identity transformations

We have access to and expertise in all the major identity technologies. This guarantees that you will select the right vendor for your needs.

  • Our approach is flexible. We use our expertise with all the major identity technologies to ensure that you are using the right technology from the right vendor to fit your needs.

    IDMWORKS invites you to experience the peace of mind that comes from having a trusted expert employ a proven approach when delivering a modern IAM program.

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