Managed Services

Managed Hosting

IDMWORKS Can Host Your IAM Solution On Prem Or In The Cloud

What sets IDMWORKS apart from other MSPs is that we don’t box you into a single solution. IDMWORKS can tailor a Managed Hosting solution to meet the specific requirements and strategic objectives of your business through full Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Identity as a Service (IDaaS) implementations.

IDMWORKS offers a complete turnkey solution to companies that require an IAM solution but do not wish to invest in the necessary infrastructure. This is a full scale IAM Managed Hosting option – we host your Identity Management solution in our SSAE 16 certified partner data centers or cloud environment and perform the ongoing management, maintenance, and support.

We also offer a hybrid solution to companies that are interested in management, maintenance, and support of their IAM solution between both IDMWORKS and their organization. This solution provides a mix of data center infrastructure between both companies.

IDMWORKS Managed Hosting
IDMWORKS offers both on prem and cloud hosting of any IAM vendor solution software (or combination of IAM software.) We also offer Managed Support solutions.

Managed Hosting Can Reduce
Your Organizational Risk

IDMWORKS can reduce risk by sequestering users based on the organizational criteria you define. This may be dictated by your budget, the size of your user base, or your varied user types. There are several options for sequestering:

1. Host level, where we isolate or sequester your users on your own dedicated virtual machine

2. Instance level, where there is co-tenancy and one host will host multiple LDAP databases and each user base has its own, dedicated database

3. Held in an organizational unit in a partition of a single database, thus one host with multiple instances

IDMWORKS can accommodate user self-service for account creation and password reset through most third party IAM vendor solutions as well as through our own IAM software solutions. Access and control can be maintained by either service provider or credential owner. Data is hosted and replicated across multiple data centers for 24x7x365 operations. Risk ordinarily associated with credential storage is thus isolated.

When your organization stores and manages User IDs and Passwords in house, you are in control of securing your own environment but you also hold all of the risk. In addition, you may need to meet mandatory compliance regulations that may include data encryption requirements and the completion of regular audits.

This often results in a significant investment in hardware, software and human capital, and you must vigilantly monitor your systems for data breaches and leaks.

IDMWORKS can take on this risk and this management in order to both manage and maintain the requirements and compliance, but also speed the implementation to have the solution production-ready, fast and efficiently.