Managed Services

Managed Support

IDMWORKS Can Manage, Maintain, Service & Support your IAM Solution

Identity and access management software solutions require expensive, highly skilled resources both pre- and post-deployment. IDMWORKS Managed Support provides an effective solution to support day-to-day IAM service delivery without the overhead and complexity involved in internally staffing and training IAM personnel.

IDMWORKS has clients in every industry and our highly-trained technical staff is certified in all of the leading IAM vendor solutions, so when it comes to support, we’ve seen almost every possible issue you may encounter, so we know how to avoid problems and how to solve them. Our Managed Support team is located around the globe so they are available any time of the day, any day of the week (including holidays.)

IDMWORKS Managed Support is a subscription-based service, so by paying a set price every month there is no need to constantly adjust your budget.

Managed Support
On Prem Or In The Cloud

IDMWORKS Managed Support Solutions support both on premises IAM solutions hosted at your location or cloud IAM solutions hosted at your AWS, Microsoft Azure or other cloud provider.

For organizations looking for a complete solution, we also offer on prem and cloud Managed Hosting solutions.

Managed Support Features

Basic Monitoring
A basic monitoring plan can be created for any budget and includes CPU utilization, memory utilization, disk utilization, number of users, Java heap usage and swap space.

Advanced Monitoring
An advanced monitoring plan includes each of the functions of our basic monitoring plus resource (or driver) status, task status, password expiration date/time for super-users, web front-end response time, database up/down and response time, sub-application availability (i.e. Active Directory, LDAP, etc…) and process queue size.

Real-Time Risk Monitoring
IDMWORKS Managed Support offers the option to monitor your entire enterprise 24/7/365 with real-time aggregation of security-relevant data. We share this information via our custom dashboard and mobile app.

Our Real-Time Risk Management correlates events with risk & offers the following: