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You can’t see into the future so we help you to create a rock-solid roadmap to achieve all security and business goals for up to 10-20 years. Walk into your next board meeting with full confidence. We will equip you with everything you need to show a return on investment to proof of concept. With over 2200 successful engagements since 2004, you will have access to priceless knowledge and wisdom of our cyber security services company. You will be working with actual CISOs who’ve been in your shoes and have withstood the fire and now are ready to support you and help you achieve sure success.

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Benefiting from Our IAM Assessment for Cyber Security

Achieve Sustainable Growth, Improved Cyber Security, and Efficient Processes.



Our assessment can help you structure your IAM solution to align with key tenants of industry best practices, helping you get long-term value from your investment.

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We help you assess your IAM program objectively. This allows your organization to build confidence that the IAM program and strategy you have in place is effective.


Proof of Compliance

Our assessment includes relevant compliance mandates. You will know if your IAM solution complies with GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, and others.


Strategic Planning

We will show you how IAM can play a larger role in your organization’s overall cybersecurity plan.


Industry and Sector Insights

Application of cross-industry, cross-sector specialist knowledge to improve solutions.


Maximum Return on Investment

We offer a tailored assessment based on your scope of work. The information and solutions we offer are customized to meet your needs.

Advisory Expertise

We can continue to provide expert advice to help your organization solve complicated security problems while strengthening your IAM strategy.

Weak passwords, compromised credentials, and poor identity management policies are major threats to your organization’s security. You need an IAM program that is designed to be a barrier to protect you from these threats. When properly executed, IAM becomes one of the strongest tools you have to protect your organization’s sensitive information and the information of your valued customers.

IDMWORKS’ IAM Strategy Assessment provides objective insights into the state of your existing IAM program. We pull back the curtains to show an unbiased measurement of your current IAM processes. We identify the processes and procedures that are working for you and offer actionable steps that are needed to improve the effectiveness of your IAM solution.

The information garnered from our assessments can help your organization create an IAM roadmap tailored to your needs and vulnerabilities.

Future Focused

Do more than just react to IAM issues as they spring up and create pain points. Instead, trust us to help you create a vision for what your organization can do to prevent identity management issues moving forward. We help your organization understand where your IAM program is now, what it could be in the future, and the steps you need to take to get there.

Power of an IAM Assessment

An IAM Assessment is key to planning for the future. It offers a critical evaluation of IAM strategies, which serve as a springboard for implementing successful strategies. This can help avoid common pitfalls seen when developing Identity Management solutions. Remember, implementation and strategies must be tailored to the needs, systems, and culture of your organization. An IAM Assessment can help you identify gaps in your technology and processes and identify where change is needed to shore up cybersecurity.

Long-Term Perspective

It is a mistake to only allocate resources to resolve immediate IAM issues without finding root problems and implementing permanent solutions. We can help you define your IAM program’s vision as you allocate funds to achieve quantifiable IAM cybersecurity objectives.


If your organization is unwilling to change and adapt your IAM strategies and policies based on your current needs as opposed to those of the past, your reputation and bottom-line will suffer. Our assessment can help you adjust to accommodate fresh approaches, new strategies, and industry-standard technologies to employ new yet trusted approaches to IAM.
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