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Operational Resilience

How a Managed Identity Security Services Partner benefits you:

Digital initiatives rely on a mature, scalable security organization for success. When you combine budget constraints with the lack of technical talent and the increasingly complex IT environment, your organization’s operational resiliency can suffer.

A Managed Identity Security Services Partner helps optimize identity and management processes, operations, and technologies to take the load off your overburdened overworked IT team and push your organization to a more secure, stable IAM infrastructure.

  • Rethink your cyber security strategy, become the leader needed in a new digital-first economy
  • Business-driven security strategy wins the day and CISOs emerge as business leaders
  • Right-size your budget
  • Align security budgets with business outcomes — communicate how security drives business growth and mitigates risk
  • Future-proof your security organization
  • Managed services get you out of the hire, train, lose talent loop

Learn About the Benefits of Managed Services with IDMWORKS

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Managed Identity Security Services. Not your Father’s MSSP.

The Managed Security Service Provider space is crowded with roots dating back to the internet service providers of the mid 1990s. There are hundreds of massive providers covering everything from firewalls to intrusion detection to VPNs to vulnerability scanning.

None of those providers has deep knowledge and expertise in the complexities of identity and access management. They’re still focused on security as a perimeter, and missing the reality of our largely decentralized, remote/mobile world. Managed Identity Security Services with IDMWORKS is different.

  1. Identity is all that we do, and we’ve been doing it successfully on behalf of some of the world’s largest organizations for over 15 years.
  2. We function as a true extension of your team with regular business meetings and check ins. While we ensure 24/7/365 coverage, you won’t find a faceless offshore entity here.
  3. We simplify the complexities of the multi-vendor identity environment most organizations have with cross-program monitoring, insights, and guidance to ensure your entire IAM stack is running in an optimal state.

Benefits of Managed Identity Security Services with IDMWORKS

  • Strategic vision, roadmap  and planning: Every client is at a different point in  their IAM journey and we work with you to drive adoption, expansion and success of your IAM program
  • Proactive management: 24x7x365 monitoring and support operationalizing your IAM services  with a highly trained team proactively  resolving incidents based upon service  level agreements for response and  resolution times
  • Unique to your organization: Unlike other MSSPs, IDMWORKS is  focused on building the appropriate  support model for your organization aligned with industry best practices  focused on your business’ needs

Our Solution: Our Managed Services model is secure, reliable and backed by industry leading experts in the IAM field following a structured, proven knowledge transition methodology to help clients on board quickly and efficiently. We are not just fixing issues, we are improving the solution.

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