SailPoint Certification Exclusion Rules

One of the goals of a certification is to provide certifiers with a succinct list of items to be reviewed. Default values, low-risk entitlements, and distribution groups can commonly be removed from a certification.   It is also common to have application entitlements reviewed by one user and other entitlements by a separate user.

To remove various items from a SailPoint Certification, an Exclusion Rule is employed.  The Exclusion Rule iterates over the items in a certification and removes items based on logic built within the rule.  The matching items are removed from the “active list” and added to a list of items to be excluded (these items can be saved for future analysis).

The example below illustrates one methodology for excluding items from a SailPoint Certification:

One note about Exclusion Rules – Saving the exclusions after certification generation is an option but can have detrimental affects on performance.  Storing thousands of “saved exclusions” can impede a certification since the background generated XML is larger than one without saved exclusions.

Example: Remove items based on attribute name & value.

For a certification, every user is provisioned with the role “PeopleSoft:Birthright” and the entitlement of “invoiceamt=0.”  Since those values are given to every user, they can be considered an acceptable exclusion

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