Data Center Management Software

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Data Center Management Software

Precision is DCMWORKS’ proprietary data center management application that documents data center support structures for data center migration planning and for better overall data center management.


Precision has a number of general provisions that make it beneficial both pre and post-migration. These include:

  • Six Different Levels of Users
  • Audit Reporting
  • Validation Lists
  • Exception Reports
  • Import / Export Functions

Dedicated data center migration teams

DCMWORKS’ dedicated data center migration team applies a proven migration process to every migration we undertake.

Our Precision data center management software documents all of your data center applications, circuits, systems, and personnel. Precision then consolidates your inventory, applications, power, rack space, and cabling information into one intelligent database that links the dependencies among all of the systems and services they utilize.

In the discovery phase of our data center migration projects, DCMWORKS needs to collect all applications, circuits, and systems information. Most clients house this data in a number of different formats and a number of different locations – from databases to individual spreadsheets. The level of accuracy is often poor, and the documentation of the dependencies among the different databases is routinely non-existent.

While most companies want to link these dependencies to gain a holistic view of their IT environment, the time and money required to link and house the information are often cost-prohibitive, so the ideal time to collect this information and put it into a format that allows the client to maintain those dependencies is during migration. For this reason, DCMWORKS developed Precision.

Precision is built out for DCMWORKS’ clients during their migration at no additional cost and is then offered as a service upon the completion of the project for continued data center management.


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