Data Center Migration Plan

Leave The Planning To The Data Center Migration Experts

Data Center Migration Planning

Most IT departments are lean and lack the resources to perform the critical tasks of preparing, planning, and executing a comprehensive data center migration. Furthermore, the likelihood of the internal resources having the experience necessary to perform the migration planning activities is rare.

DCMWORKS’ dedicated data center migration team applies a proven migration process to every migration we undertake.


Dedicated data center migration teams

DCMWORKS’ dedicated data center migration team applies a proven migration process to every migration we undertake.

Data Center Migration Planning

How To Make Your Data Center Migration Successful

When the decision is made to relocate data center operations to a new facility (owned, colocation, cloud or hybrid) the business accepts a significant amount of risk and takes on a great deal of planning.

DCMWORKS has found that 90% of the effort required for a successful migration plan lies in the planning and the communication among the business, the engineering design teams, 3rd party vendors and facility management. We speak both facilities and IT, so our proven migration process makes certain the right information is communicated to the right people at the right time.

DCMWORKS’ migration process is a collaborative approach. The core project team includes members from network, server, storage, application and facility departments. The extended project team includes vendors and sub-contractors who are also involved in the migration project.

Through a series of workshops and detailed planning sessions, DCMWORKS leads the discovery, planning, design, relocate & occupy, and decommissioning phases. During these workshops we collect the required data and then build the migration plan and run-books utilizing Precision – our proprietary migration planning application.

Precision allows our team to consolidate the documentation of our clients’ inventory, applications, database, storage, power, rack space, and cabling data into one database. Precision then links the dependencies among all of the systems and the services they utilize. DCMWORKS also offers our clients continued use of Precision upon completion of their migration project.


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