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Save Up To $100k With An Active Directory (AD) Infrastructure Assessment

Many companies and organizations have standardized their environment using Microsoft’s Active Directory as the primary authentication and authorization infrastructure. While AD is based upon a Windows architecture, flexibility is built in to be able to integrate other authentication technologies such as Mac and many versions of Unix.

An assessment of an AD architecture that has been in place for some time often leads to major cost savings for our clients. We recommend modifications to the original setup to remedy inefficiencies, provide risk versus reward analyses for implementing upgrades, and a list of updates to address the current needs of the organization.


Dedicated data center migration teams

DCMWORKS’ dedicated data center migration team applies a proven migration process to every migration we undertake.

AD Infrastructure Assessment Benefits

  • Reduced WAN Traffic From Oprimizing AD Sites & Services
  • Reduced Login & Authentication Delays
  • Improved Replication of Newly Created Objects to Remote Sites
  • All Systems Use Same Universal Time Settings Regardless of Time Zone
  • Systems and Users Find Servers, Shares Storage From Oprimized DNS
  • Group Policies Applied Quicker
  • Group Policies Consolidated and Optimized
  • Redundant Group Policies Eliminated Reducing WAN Traffic
  • Organization Units Optimized

Assessment Deliverables

  • Findings Report
  • Analysis Report
  • Recommendations for Stability, Redundancy, Upgrades & Migrations

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