Quick Tip: Using Relay State with IdP-initiated SSO in OIF 11g

Recently, a client had a requirement to submit a RelayState URL along with an IDP-initiated SSO request. In this case, we were using the HTTP Post profile with the partner. 

We referred to this documentation on Oracle’s website: click here.

In the doc, there is an explanation on using Relay State with IdP and SP-initiated SSO. Basically, the documentation instructs developers to use the returnURL query string parameter added to the initiatesso link, such as:


Unfortunately, this is wrong. In fact, the returnURL parameter is case sensitive, so this is what works:


We updated the link to use the lowercase version of returnurl and SAML Tracer clearly showed the RelayState being added to the HTTP request.

Another important point to note: 

As the documentation states, if there is no returnurl specified, it will fall back to the Unsolicited SSO RelayState (see below). If there is a value in this field, it will use that as the Relay State. Otherwise, no value will be passed.


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