The Case for Access Governance

Why do we need Access Governance? The Case for Access Governance.

Well, if you are a CISO, CRO, CCO, CFO, CTO, a Business Manager, the VP of Enterprise Security, the VP of Internal Audit or in the IT Governance Audit department YOU DO………

Here are just a few of the reasons WHY:

The CFO concentrates on expenditure….. As CFO you will want to keep the internal and external audit costs to a minimum as well as making sure that the finance department is compliant with regulations.

The CTO has to focus on the overall management of IT… As CTO you don’t want to worry about access rights and policies. You want an appropriate system to manage that for you.

The Business Manager is just that, all about the business…As part of the Business management team you want to do your job efficiently and profitably by making sure that users get the correct permissions and that the certification process is easy for you to understand without wasting your valuable time.

As for the rest of the illustrious cast, you all want to achieve sustainable audit worthy compliance processes that are effective in minimizing costs and exposure to business risk with timely, accurate delivery of appropriate access to users.

OK so that’s the who needs section and why you need it……now for some key reasons that may influence your decision to purchase and implement an access governance solution across your enterprise.

  • Are you facing an upcoming audit?
  • Do you have Audit issues related to access (SOX 404 segregation of duties and privileged account access issues – access risks that create GLBA/Basel/Solvency violations)?
  • Do you need to contain or reduce the costs of compliance?
  • Do you want to  implement enterprise roles to simplify and streamline the access request and delivery process
  • Do you have a complex manual approach for access review and certification that uses multiple spreadsheets and is labor intensive?
  • Have you  experienced a data loss or a negative impact on the business due to misuse of access?

So what’s the next step?

If you realize that you are facing one or more of the above challenges may I respectfully suggest that you contact IDMWORKS to work out the finer details. We have a dedicated team of Identity and Access Management  professionals who will provide full program management services to incorporate new process, technology and functionality, ensuring success throughout the project lifecycle.

And the step after?

So now that you have recognized that there may be some issues that need addressing it’s time to think about product. IDMWORKS is ideally positioned to guide you through that selection and deploy the solution on your behalf.