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IDMWORKS Deploys & Supports STEALTHbits Solutions

IAM solutions cover applications, but have little visibility into unstructured data in file shares and SharePoint where 80% of a typical enterprise’s data resides. Importantly, the most sensitive information in an organization is often unstructured (contracts, legal documents, proprietary designs, formulas, spreadsheets, health records, etc.) STEALTHaudit creates the entitlement catalog for unstructured data, enabling IAM to manage who has access to the data, enriching self-serve access, attestation, and other functions.

IDMWORKS implements and supports the following STEALTHbits IAM suites and applications:

  • STEALTHbits STEALTHIntercept

Trust the IAM Experts. Certified STEALTHbits partners.

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