SailPoint Workflows for Web Services Integration

Integration of provisioning with IT service management tools enables a business to have visibility and interoperability with the provisioning system. SailPoint workflows can be launched with the IIQ REST API to accomplish this integration.

Why Use REST API and Workflow Launch For Application Integration?
The REST API is a preferred method for integrating applications. Workflows provide a simple way to take input data from the calling application and return meaningful results.

Developing a customization to deploy a purpose built web service is possible. This approach requires development of custom methods that are deployed in the web layer and modification of the application configuration to expose them.

Workflows can be modified in the SailPoint UI. Workflows can contain inline beanshell code or rule library Java method calls. Response format is limited to a JSON representation of a Java HashMap.

How To Get Started

Workflows can be used to return data to a calling application. The data is the return of the workflow in a map format. The map gets placed into a JSON reply.