A feature of Federated Identity Management (FIM)

Single Sign-On

Provision users with appropriate permissions

Secure Data Access with Single Sign-On

IDMWORKS can help you use single sign-on (SSO) to minimize the number of attack surfaces your organization has. With SSO, you only need to log in once and use one set of credentials.

SSO improves regulatory compliance. HIPAA, for example, requires effective authentication of users who are accessing electronic records and requires automatic log-off of users. SSO solutions can accomplish this.

IDMWORKS can demonstrate the benefit of including SSO as a part of a comprehensive identity and access management (IAM) solution. Benefit from a central directory that controls user’s access to data and resources at a granular level.

Easy to Manage

  • Single sign-on will help synchronize passwords and user information. This will make it easier to manage and access unique platforms and user resources.

Strengthens Security

  • Single sign-on authentication strengthens application and network security. SSO identifies each unique user. For this reason, it complies with even the most demanding data security regulations.


  • Sign-in automation makes access to applications by users seamless. A user is authenticated when they enter the system. This allows them to access resources for which they are authorized.
Focus on growing your business while we focus on protecting it

MIDaaS and SSO Offer a Smart Solution to User Authentication

Streamline user access to their application by reducing the need to memorize several passwords.

Complex digital identity management solutions


You could try to navigate the digital identity landscape on your own Juan Ponce de Leon style and get lost. Or you can use a managed service provider like us to guide you.

We start by understanding your vision. From there, we define and prioritize your organization’s requirements to create the best IAM MSP strategy for your organization. Once we design and implement the IAM strategy, we manage your IAM initiatives, ensuring that they are achieving their goals, they are on a budget, and they are completed on time.

You can waste your time wandering through the forest of identity programs. Or you can trust the managed service provider of choice for Fortune 500 companies to do this for you. This way, you can spend your time focusing on what you do best, growing your business.


Different Types of Single Sign-On Authentication

  • Enterprise Single Sign-On: Working as primary authentication, enterprise single sign-on (E–SSO) intercepts login requests that secondary applications might need. The E–SSO system facilitates interaction with other systems that could disable a login screen.
  • Open ID : This is a decentralized SSO process. The user ID is stored at a URL. Any server can then use that URL to verify the user identity.
  • Web Single Sign-On: Working in applications that are accessed through the web, Web–SSO can authenticate a user on several applications without the user needing to be authenticated again.
  • Federated Identity : This form of single sign-on is an identity management solution that allows applications to identify users without needing redundant authentication.
IDMWORKS leads the field of identity management and identity transformation

Managed Service Providers Work to Strengthen Your SSO Program


Unleash the power of SSO

IDMWORKS can show you how to use SSO to run your business like a Fortune 500 company by securing your business using a fully managed identity program. IDMWORKS is a world leader in IAM.

Our approach is cost-effective and optimizes your resources. It is flexible, scalable, and secure. You can sleep well knowing that your identity program is being managed by experienced professionals who can minimize the risk of losing valuable data.

Customer Identity and Access Management improves the user experience

SSO and CIAM Are a Potent Combination

CIAM is the first thing your customers experience when they interact with your website or application. If that first experience is not seamless or secure, customers are going to think twice about trusting you with their money or their business.


Use CIAM to keep customers happy and their data safe

If you want your business to thrive, you will focus on your customers when it comes to CIAM. Your customers are more hyper-connected than ever before. They are informed, empowered, demanding, and unpredictable. They are less tolerant of bad or frustrating online experiences and demand significant online interactions to be delivered seamlessly and simply.

IDMWORKS leverages the capabilities of CIAM via an integrated solution. Our CIAM solutions will evolve over time to meet your new business requirements.

  • IDMWORKS can show you how to properly implement a CIAM solution and improve customer acquisition and retention today.

Take Control of Privileged Accounts with PAM

We develop your identity and access management technology, so you can feel secure and get the best value from your IAM programs.


Privileged access management

IDMWORKS can help you know exactly when, why, and how your privileged accounts are being accessed and used. You have complete control over your privileged accounts and credentials. PAM will ensure that you are complying with government regulations.

If you have any doubt that your privileged accounts are being mismanaged, PAM solutions let you quickly audit recently used accounts, identify any passwords that have been changed, and enhance operational performance and visibility. This way, you can quickly identify and recover from cyber-attacks if and when they occur.

  • Talk to us today about how a well-implemented PAM solution can help mitigate cyber-attacks and expedite recovery when these attacks happen.