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HR On-boarding Scalability

The Challenge with Achieving HR Onboarding Scalability

Let’s take a look at a hypothetical new hire to your organization: they show up on the first day, attend some form of onboarding, and are excited and eager to begin working.

Upon visiting HR, they hear it will be between two days and two weeks before they have the access necessary to do their job. Ok, HR doesn’t actually articulate that, but it’s a reasonable assumption that’s what the employee can expect.

Aside from the obvious loss of morale from an experience like that, the business stands to lose not only production potential but also incur opportunity cost through the manual processes associated with a lengthy onboarding.

To make a significant impact on the scalability of your onboarding process often requires considerable time investment and specialized skill sets to undertake the following tasks:

Invest in building out roles and entitlements for automated onboarding

Connect all of the applications across your hybrid cloud and on-prem environment

Centralize siloed systems to enable scalable identity management processes

By aggregating all of your users into a singular source of truth and automating the manual processes of employee onboarding, your organization never needs to worry about scale.


What to scale your HR onboarding process?

Our advisory team can help you free up time for program administrators by creating a consistent, reliable, and automotive process across the organization.

Increase Customer Loyalty and Retention

Trust Our Experts To Help You Achieve HR Onboarding Scalability

IDMWORKS understands this process and has years of experience, making it a smooth and seamless transition.

We help organizations secure their talent by ensuring employees have access to what they need on day one so they can start contributing immediately, rather than merely being an expense until they can do their job. For the ones executing on the administrative tasks of onboarding, we significantly reduce the necessary resources to complete the process, freeing up time to invest in other projects.

IDMWORKS can assist to:

Consolidate all users and systems into a single source of truth

Build roles and entitlements that enable automation without compromising security posture

Integrate all applications into your automated processes and create a central platform for visibility

Let’s re-look at that hypothetical new hire who joins your organization. Now they show up on the first day, attend onboarding, and participate as part of the team before lunch. His excitement drives production efforts, HR isn’t overwhelmed, and the business benefits from the overall efficiencies.

The First Step is a Conversation

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