Privileged Access Management


Protecting and Managing the Keys to Your Most Valuable Assets

Data and assets

Privileged accounts

Privileged accounts are the most desired target for Cyber attackers, as they provide access to all of your data and assets.

Effective control

By effectively controlling the use and distribution of privileged credentials, you significantly reduce the risk of stolen data, misused privileges, or unwanted remote access.

Build Cyber Resilience With Our Proven Privileged Access Management Program

Make it easier to handle everything related to admin accounts, including access provisioning and de-provisioning, user access certification, and creating audit logs of all actions. Secure your business, and stay assured you will get the most out of PAM solutions.


Minimize risk and cost of data breach

Secure privileged access automatically means improved privileged user productivity, minimized risks and costs of a data breach, and compliance with regulatory standards.

Audit & Report

We enable you to monitor suspicious activity, isolate accounts, and keep a comprehensive audit trail to provide detailed audit evidence of account activity and user behavior when necessary. You will be able to monitor all the activities on your network and easily demonstrate compliance. Our PAM solution records password requests and transactions throughout an entire system, helping you maintain compliance using various reports on assets, vulnerability, and privilege.

Secure & Protect

Prevent data breaches and protects your organization’s most critical assets. One of the best ways to prevent unauthorized use of privileged accounts is enforcing least privilege policies on endpoints. The idea is to narrow pathways and, therefore, reduce exploitation risks. That means limiting privileges for people, processes, applications, and choosing a granular delegation approach, providing appropriate access to the right administrators so they can do their job

Monitor & Control

We make sure you know exactly when and why your privileged accounts are being used. Having complete control over your Privileged Accounts and Credentials helps you easily comply with government regulations. Additionally, a robust PAM solution makes it possible to quickly audit

Discover & Identify

Automate the discovery process of privileged accounts across all systems, devices, and applications. Identify which assets they can access and how important they are. Stay in control with quick onboarding, monitoring, and securing privileged credentials and accounts.

Take Control of Privileged Access TODAY!

We help you mitigate security breaches by locking down accounts within your network infrastructure and prevent unauthorized access to highly sensitive data.

Our robust PAM solutions provide you with the full capability of monitoring and securing privileged accounts while achieving operational excellence.

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