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Vendor Agnostic

Vendor agnostic standards-based approach allows any IDM solution to easily integrate with data stores normally not supported by those vendors

Single point of access

Single point of access removes need to configure and manage multiple end-points

Protect Investment

Allows customers to protect their data store integration investment as their IDM objectives and software changes over time

Built-in reconciliation

Built-in reconciliation capabilities reduce the burden to configure custom solutions for identity retrieval and representation per datastore

Building The Future, Restoring The Past

Reliable, Effective &Technically Advanced Connectors!

IdentityForge Connectors help keep your connector costs in check by offering standard connectors that take days, not weeks or months to deploy, and can simply be altered later to work with another vendor as your IAM objectives change. Our connectors automate functions that administrators usually perform manually by functioning as a trusted virtual administrator.

Explore All Of The Different Connector Solutions

IdentityForge provides a central, standardized integration engine and modern identity store that serves as a trusted source for all life-cycle management resources.

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