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Reduce administrative and overhead cost

The Challenge to Reduce Administrative & Overhead Costs

You’ve likely come across a plethora of statistics and calculations by industry analysts warning of the hefty cost of administrative tasks on an IT organization.

These include:

Help desk employees bogged down with monotonous tasks like password resets (which get exponentially more pricey for after-hours support)

Lengthy onboarding processes that could take new employees days or even weeks to have full access

Entire teams tasked with monitoring access or conducting access reviews rather than focusing on other business objectives.

The cost of administrative processes are limited to the form of direct expenditures; they also include reduced productivity and the opportunity cost of not having employees working on other business-related tasks.

Administrative overhead also compromises competitiveness as human output constrains growth and scalability.

When considering undertaking a project to reduce these costs, it’s important to consider:

End users expect a good experience and the ability to access their necessary applications from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Administrative costs can be a lot greater than face value: consider pay and benefits for FTE’s, the cost of downtime from manual processes, risk of human error, et. al.

Scalability is significantly limited by heavy overhead and too many administrative processes as more organizations undergo IT transformation to better align with business values

On the flip side, combating these use cases can be complicated:

Optimizing user experience often requires comprehensive gap analysis and the implementation of complementary tools with often complex integrations.

Assessing and articulating the actual cost of manual processes can be tedious, particularly if the administrative tasks appear manageable despite their time/effort

You know what they say- you don’t often know until it’s too late. At this point, the business could suffer considerably from both the broader IT environment to transform and its interim impairment of scalability.

In short, the reduction of administrative and overhead costs is not only essential for an efficient security environment, but it is also crucial to achieving an efficient and sustainable business environment.


Want to reduce administrative and overhead costs?

Our advisory team can help you figure out how to reduce or eliminate specific administrative costs that are essential to the profitability and long-term success of your company.

Reduce administrative and overhead cost

Trust Our Experts To Help You Reduce Administrative & Overhead Costs

The experts at IDMWORKS have extensive experience transforming administration-heavy environments into lean operations, freeing up overhead to funnel back into other initiatives.

By deploying our resources, your team retains the bandwidth to focus on key business objectives without compromising time and energy – which in collaboration works together towards the collective progress towards reduced administration and overhead.

By leveraging our experience, organizations can reap the benefits of:

Significant long and short term reduction in administrative expenditure by establishing a security foundation built for scale

Processes established to support business changes without the weight of the burdensome overhead

Indirect cost savings from employees with the ability to reinvest their time into tasks that can now contribute to actual business outcomes

Don’t let the weight of inefficiencies and manual processes drag you down. With IDMWORKS the only thing you’ll see over head is a new possibility.

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