The Unsung Heroes in the Security Space

Another day, another massive data breach in the headlines and this one isn’t even new. Facebook is grappling again with damage control as a previous data breach (discovered and mitigated in 2019) garners international attention with newly discovered published data sets of personal information for over 500 million customers. Facebook may be able to withstand
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Oktane21 & IDMWORKS

Grab your cup of coffee and set up your WFH station, Oktane21 starts today! We are excited to be sponsoring an event focused on creating relationships with IAM pros, connecting in a disconnected world, and working together to make the future of identity a reality.  This year looks a little different than most. You might
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rain storm 2021

What Is ABR? Why Should It Be a Top Priority for CISOs in 2021? Part One: IAM Assessment

IT departments and business leaders are facing increased scrutiny on how they protect access to corporate data. Manual processes for tracking and assigning user privileges are inadequate and unreliable. IAM enables granular access control and auditing by automating these tasks. This adds greater protection to corporate assets, be them on-premise, in the cloud, or in
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10 Proven Steps to Guarantee Budget for Your Customer IAM Project

Customer IAM (CIAM) is a thriving field, and it is increasingly seen as the center of the digital transformation process. The ability to manage digital identities of customers from the point of registration, through login, through checkout, and during the paying process, and then to record, analyze, and act on the data garnered is a
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Why CIAM is Costing Companies $3.92 Million on Average

Customer identity and access management lets your company manage and capture customer ID and profile data. It lets you control how your customers access applications and services. A good CIAM solution will offer a variety of features, including: Self-service account management Preface and consent management Single sign-on Multifactor authentication Access management Data access governance Directory
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