Identity governance and administration

Identity Governance

Employ identity governance and administration

Making identity governance the center of your IT operations

IAM governance defines how your IAM program is managed and implemented. It is based on and executed against an agreed-upon strategy or roadmap. IAM governance lets you better run your business and get improved returns on investment.

IDMWORKS can help you define and maintain identity governance and administration (IGA). Your IAM governing body will create and maintain policies and set the standards for key IAM functions.

Your organization’s governance committee includes members of your business and tech teams. It allows you to oversee an identity and access management process and create policies that prioritize your organization’s tasks and goals.

Access Management

  • Ensure your enterprise’s access provisioning policies get enforced. Handle manual access requests from users. Control your application and data access. This includes usernames and passwords controls.

Access Certification

  • The processes of validating the access rights of users in your organization's networks. This is key to fulfilling compliance mandates. It also ensures that users' access rights are appropriate for their role, and they don’t have permissions they are not entitled to.

Identity Lifecycle Management

  • The processes used to create a digital identity for enterprise use (onboarding). Then removing that identity when the user's time at your organization comes to an end (offboarding).
IAM programs cannot be created or enforced in a vacuum

MIDaaS and IGA Create a Powerful Force

IDMWORKS offers Managed Identity-as-a-Service (MIDaaS). With this model, your organization focuses its energy and resources on building your core business.

Policies and procedures that promote communication


Creating a governance body, outlining policies, and creating the mechanisms by which these policies are enforced is a time-consuming and resource-heavy task. This is why many organizations do not dedicate the time needed to this aspect of IAM. Eventually, though, they wonder why they are not getting the return on their IAM investment they had expected.

IDMWORKS offers Managed Identity-as-a-Service (MIDaaS). With this model, your organization focuses its energy and resources on building your core business. We take on the responsibility of partnering with you to create and implement a successful digital identity management program.

IAM can be complex. Our Managed Identity-as-a-Service makes the complex simple.


Key responsibilities handled by IAM governance include:

  • Assign responsibilities and enforce policies
  • Sponsor and manage IAM programs
  • Standardize levels of approval
  • Simplify access and role definitions
  • Create processes for audit tracking and certification
  • Design the workflow used for change requests and changes
IDMWORKS is a managed service provider (MSP)

Improving the Quality of IGA Using Managed Service Providers


Identity Governance is a powerful tool

Improving the Quality of IGA Using Managed Service Providers

IDMWORKS is a managed service provider (MSP). We assume the responsibility of the day-to-day management of your digital identity and access management programs, including identity governance and administration.

Because of its complex nature, many businesses like yours appreciate being able to entrust the management of IAM programs to experienced professionals. IDMWORKS is the managed service provider of choice for Fortune 500 companies.

We cut through IAM complexity and create tailored solutions to meet your organization’s requirements and objectives. Our digital identity solutions are cost-effective and optimized to address the unique needs of your business. They are flexible, scalable, and secure.

CIAM is the first interaction your customers have with your website or application.

Identity Governance and CIAM Are a Potent Combination

When done correctly, CIAM can boost customer engagement and manage customer data.


Marketers take advantage of CIAM to build brand loyalty

Your customers are more tech-savvy than ever before. They know what feels right when they visit a website, and they know what feels wrong.

If it is difficult for potential customers to log into your site, input payment information, or navigate your site, they will leave. For your customers, CIAM is about the site feeling inviting and safe. For you, CIAM is a way to minimize operational costs, meet regulatory requirements, and improve sales.

IDMWORKS can help your customers acquire your product or service at a time that is convenient for them without sacrificing security.

  • IDMWORKS can help you create unique experiences for your customers that makes them feel safe, secure, and comfortable when purchasing from you.

Identity Governance and Administration Is Bolstered by Privileged Access Management

IDMWORKS can help you minimize security breaches by locking down accounts within your network and prevent unauthorized access to highly sensitive data.


Privileged access management

Cybercriminals understand how valuable it is to compromise privileged accounts. With just one shot, think Luke Skywalker and the Death Star, cybercriminals can bring your entire security structure down if they get access to your privileged accounts.

IDMWORKS helps you take control of privileged access by automating the discovery process of privileged accounts across all systems, devices, and applications. We make it easy for you to monitor suspicious activity, isolate accounts, and keep a comprehensive audit trail.

  • IDMWORKS makes it easier for you to handle everything related to admin accounts to provisioning to user account certification.