Identity and Data Management

You can give access to users or to groups based on their roles or attributes

Identity and data management helps you keep pace with the speed of business

You have an inspector in El Salvador reviewing the construction of a new commercial center. They notice that the materials being used are less expensive than what was asked for in the blueprint.

Taking out their tablet, they access the engineering specs from the company headquartered in Florida to confirm the quality of materials required. They then hop on Zoom in a videoconference with the design firm in Minneapolis to get more information. They can also contact the material provider in Nigeria and access financial information that lays out material costs.

In less than 30 minutes, a potentially dangerous situation was identified and corrected. And work was able to resume. This is a practical explanation of how the identity and data management enterprise data management solutions IDMWORKS offers can help your organization.

Data Segmentation

  • Identify the types of data used in your organization—segment information depending on what needs protection.

The Principle of Least Privilege

  • Know which roles need access to what data—set permissions around those needs.

Access Request Process

  • Establishing data request processing outside of the normal scope.
We live in an era of digital transformation.

IDM is at the Heart of Strategic Security Programs.

IDM allows your organization to control the ever-growing number of IP addresses, data sets, and users needed to run your business.

Unique digital identity management needs

Managed Identity-as-a-Service to Maximize IDM

Managed Identity-as-a-Service is where you pay for the service you need on an as-needed basis. Gone are the days of paying exorbitant amounts of money for a fixed IAM solution that only partially addresses what your business requires.

IAM can be complex. Our Managed Identity-as-a-Service makes the complex simple.


Our managed services will let you:

  • Managed Identity-as-a-Service can reduce development time as it relies on proven ready-to-use IDaaS solutions.
  • We take care of the hosting and managing. You don’t have to think about it.
  • A big part of identity data management is meeting regulatory compliance. With Managed Identity-as-a-Service, all of that is taken care of for you on our end.
  • We ensure that you provide customers, vendors, and employees with the right level of transparency about data practices.
  • You enjoy cost-effective and predictable pricing based on successful digital identity management years.
  • We offer turnkey managed service solutions backed by an unwavering commitment to our customers.
Let a Trusted MSP Handle Your IDM

IDMWORKS is the MSP of choice for Fortune 500 companies.


CIAM shows your customers you care

If you have customers, CIAM is the first thing they interact with when they visit your website. IDMWORKS can make your customers’ first impression of your organization a good one.

CIAM can help boost customer engagement. It allows you to offer customers enhanced authentication features, ranging from multi-factor authentication to single sign-on. CIAM is what you use to make your customers feel safe while providing a seamless user experience when visiting your website or using your application.

Customer Identity and Access Management is a must for your business if you have customers.

For enterprise data management solutions that works, IDMWORKS is the only name you need to consider

When the CIAM technology works, your customers enjoy using your website or application. When it doesn’t work, customers go somewhere else.


Privileged access management helps you protect your most valuable assets

When compromised, privileged accounts can give cybercriminals access to your organization’s most sensitive information. IDMWORKS can help you mitigate security breaches and prevent cybercriminals from logging into accounts within your network infrastructure.

The PAM solutions we employ can help monitor suspicious activity, isolate compromised accounts, and keep a comprehensive audit trail so you know what is happening on your network and especially with your privileged accounts.

  • Whether you need managed hosted services, managed support, CIAM or, an enterprise data management solution that works, IDMWORKS is the first and last name you need to consider.

Combine PAM with Access Control to Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

A smart thief knows that it is better to steal a copy of the master key than to pick every lock. Your organization’s privileged accounts are like that master key. That is why they are the target for cyber criminals.


IDM is about data and people

IDM allows you to authenticate, control, manage, create, and remove user permissions. It distinguishes classified information from information that can be shared with employees, contractors, or customers. It allows the right people to get access to organizational resources and data when they need it.

  • IDMWORKS can use the best in IDM to centralize nonemployee identities. These include consultants, vendors, interns, non-badged account holders, and temporary workers