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Microsoft’s Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) provides self-service identity management for users, automated lifecycle management across heterogeneous platforms for administrators, a rich policy and workflow framework, and detailed audit capabilities.

Its Azure Active Directory is a comprehensive identity and access management cloud solution that provides a robust set of capabilities to manage users and groups and help secure access to on-premises and cloud applications, including Microsoft online services like Office 365 and a world of non-Microsoft SaaS applications.

The Right Technology without Proper Implementation Leads to Failure

IDMWORKS has implemented identity and access management (IAM) solutions for over 2,500 successful identity transformations across 800 client sites.

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We successfully implemented over 2,500 identity transformations on over 800 client sites

IDMWORKS knows how important your organization’s reputation is

It takes years for an organization like yours to build an excellent reputation. All it takes is one cybersecurity breach for that hard-earned reputation to be lost.

IDMWORKS wants to help your organization protect what it has worked hard to attain. We want to spare you the nightmare that 50 percent of organizations experience when they implement IAM systems.

Imagine investing thousands of dollars in IAM technology only to have it fail because of poor implementation. It damages your reputation, customers are running for the door, and shareholders look to you for answers.

What went wrong? It was not the technology. It was a poor implementation. 

  • 100 percent of our implementations are successful. This means that our customers have the peace of mind that comes from having an identity and access management program that is secure, efficient, and cost-effective.
IDMWORKS can become an extension of your IT team

Digital transformation begins with identity


Effective identity strategies to support your business’s

For more than a decade, IDMWORKS has achieved a 100 percent success rate with our IAM implementations. 

Instead of worrying about IAM failures, our customers enjoy the peace of mind, reduced costs, and enhanced security that comes from identity transformation done correctly.

We differ from other outfits out there because we live and breathe identity. It is not our side hustle. It is the heart of what we do.

For this reason, we can confidently say that we are IAM experts. Being leaders in this field for the past decade has clarified that now more than ever digital transformation begins with identity.

We can define and deliver effective and modern identity strategies and programs that support your business’s growth and transformation.

  • Microsoft’s Forefront Identity Manager is just one solution we might use to protect your organization from expensive identity and access management failures.
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What Is Microsoft’s Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) ?

Microsoft’s Identity Manager is a self-service identity management software suite.

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IDMWORKS/Microsoft’s Forefront Identity Manager

Secure digital interactions

In the coming years, your organization will face a deluge of digital transformation initiatives. IDMWORKS serves as an extension of your IT team. We learn about your organization and evaluate the technology you use. We will devise a holistic approach to achieve identity transformation success.

Partnering with IDMWORKS means no longer worrying about what could go wrong with your identity strategy and instead of enjoying the benefits of everything working right.


IDMWORKS implements and supports the following Microsoft IAM suites and applications:

  • Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM)
  • Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager
  • Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager
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How IDMWORKS Uses Microsoft’s Identity Manager to Help Our Customers

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We want to help you be the hero

Microsoft’s Identity Manager is a self-service identity management software suite. It allows your organization to manage credentials, role-based access control policies, and identities across heterogeneous computing environments.

Failed identity program implementations are embarrassing, expensive, and difficult to recover from.

IDMWORKS wants to rescue you from that nightmare scenario by offering our Gartner-recognized approach to identity strategies.


We have successfully helped over 800 client sites with over 2,500 identity transformations

We have helped over 800 client sites with over 2,500 successful identity transformations. Our infinitely flexible consumption model coupled with our expertise in all the major identity technologies allow us to guarantee that you have the right vendor and the right technology for your needs.

  • Microsoft’s Identity Manager is one tool we might use to protect your organization from expensive identity and access management failures.

    IDMWORKS looks forward to partnering with you to design, deliver, and manage a successful and modern identity program to secure your digital business.

Trust the IAM Experts. Certified Microsoft’s Identity Manager partners.

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