Microsoft Identity Manager

What is the most efficient way to create a collection of objects in PowerShell?

The Powershell Mantra Try not to use a module and filter the pipeline from left to right. Use Case Create a bucket of objects to add other objects; AND create/delete additional columns (properties) as needed EXAMPLE DATA FOR COMPARISON $foo = dir -Path $env:ProgramFiles -Recurse $files = $foo.Where({$_.PSIsContainer -eq $false}) $files.count = 18645 4 Approaches
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Administering Microsoft Exchange Client Access Attributes with PowerShell

Often times an IDM solution’s connector/functionality does not have the ability to fully match the disablement requirements for a client when it comes to Microsoft Exchange. An example of this is the education industry where the requirement calls for the Active Directory account to be placed into a dummy organizational unit, yet left enabled to
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