Troubleshooting Business processes in IIQ

SailPoint IdentityIQ offers instructions on their standard work processes and how to create custom work processes, but doesn’t broadly expound on how to troubleshoot work processes when they are not working as expected. The Trace feature can be useful to help with troubleshooting.


There is a variable called “trace” in the standard, out-of-the-box SailPoint Business processes. It is Boolean variable that is instated as “false”, but if you initialize it to “true”, it will return log messages directed to standard output log file.

It is advisable to enable trace when you are trying to debug workflow issues; it gives you output on all process variables and full stack traces of any error messages you are seeing. SailPoint support will likely ask you for this output before proceeding to help troubleshoot an issue.

This is a screen shot of trace being added to the workflow in UI:

trace true

Trace can be initialized from the workflow debug page as shown in the below screen shot:

Additionally, add custom loggers as needed in the workflow.