Customizing Ping Federation Login Page


It’s important for your Ping login page to reflect your brand because it’s likely the first page a user will see. If the login screen doesn’t match your corporate branding, it could create confusion if the page is stumbled upon by uninvolved users.

This example utilizes a responsive theme to ensure the login page can be easily navigated on any device. It also uses a sticky footer which essentially keeps the footer “stuck” to the bottom of the screen no matter your resolution/screen width.


Our basic layout is as follows:

**There is an abundance of information regarding responsive themes and sticky footers online.

It is also important to brand your error pages to match this theme as well. You will have about 20+ pages to brand when it’s all said and done; however, the others are mostly copy/pasting your layout around the error text.

If you need further assistance in customizing your Ping® login page, please fill out the contact form located to the right of the screen.