Monitoring Your Infrastructure


Why monitor your infrastructure?

  • Visibility and Awareness (know what’s going on before anyone else does)
  • Notifications for Team Members and Partners
  • Event Handling (triggers that allow for restart of failed services, etc…)
  • Reporting (gain visibility to the real uptime of systems)

Although there are a plethora of monitoring solutions available to purchase in the market today, we have found that most have not implemented a simple solution to monitor their environments.

Because of this we have seen the benefit of using simple and effective monitoring tools to keep ourselves and our clients ahead of any issue that may affect critical systems.

Here are two of our favorite flavors of system and network monitoring tools that we implement:


ICINGA2 (pronounced eye-sing-ah)


ICINGA is touted as the next generation of monitoring software. What differentiates it from other monitoring software is that it continually improves on existing ways of monitoring and provides a clean interface. Before you know it ICINGA will be an integral part of your infrastructure, giving you a better night’s sleep.


NAGIOS CORE (the old standby)


Nagios has been the standard for network monitoring of many systems for years. Because of that it has a lot of commercial support from a vast user community and Nagios has matured to become a great product.

We currently are using Nagios to monitor and provide reporting statistics for our own internal systems as well as for a number of our clients’ systems. We have configured instances of Nagios internally within customer environments as well as externally from our own cloud environment providing an end-to-end monitoring solution.

Talk to us about your monitoring solution needs and IDMWORKS Managed Services can bring a new level of assurance and security to your existing infrastructure.