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DCMWORKS Implements DCIM Solutions

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software has become an incredibly valuable tool to help solve ongoing management, capacity planning, and power and space utilization metrics required by both IT and facilities teams throughout the data center industry.

Once the decision is made to deploy a DCIM solution the biggest challenge that confronts the end-user is how to get that solution implemented.


Dedicated data center migration teams

DCMWORKS’ dedicated data center migration team applies a proven migration process to every migration we undertake.


Implementing Your DCIM Solution

DCMWORKS’ DCIM implementations include requirement gathering, audits, database modeling, and training for your end-users. Our in-house team of developers can also assist when integrations with other applications monitoring power, ticketing, and workflow are needed.

When necessary DCMWORKS performs audits of an existing data center to gather the required information to build the DCIM database and models. Clients may also elect to forgo the audit process and instead just provide the required data to DCMWORKS for the database to be built. Either way, all information needs to be reviewed and discussed to ensure the proper information is being modeled to meet the intended use of the system.

DCMWORKS helps companies construct a workflow process to facilitate the provisioning of data center assets efficiently; while eliminating manual processes that are prone to error and costly re-work.

We help identify the services (space-provisioning, power provisioning, network provisioning, etc.) and the stakeholder groups that are typically called upon to provide these services.

DCMWORKS will review the current processes, constraints, predecessors, and the amount of time it takes the team to perform each task. The end result shall be a collaborative install process designed and built by the stakeholders, ready to be transitioned for implementation within a suitable DCIM solution.

DCMWORKS also offers DCIM post-implementation support and maintenance plans. This includes problem resolution, training, shadowing, process review, customer support, and professional services.


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